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Amazing Ways to Make Friends with Flowers

The creepiness of cornfields is well established, and a sunflower field shares some of the same qualities. The broad leaves whisper together. Their height obscures your view so that the path closes in around you. The heads of the sunflowers seem to stare at you as you pass. All of this taken together means that cornfields hold no monopoly on creepiness.

At least, that’s what Lucinda and I discovered when we visited the Sussex County Sunflower Maze in Sandyston, New Jersey.

NJ_Sunflower_path_LGHere and there we found flowers that seemed a little more alert than their companions. Lucinda tried to make friends. Some seemed happy to meet her.


Others were less keen on the idea.


Lucinda climbed a flower to try to see the path.


There was nothing to be seen besides sunflowers, turned toward the sky. We could swear they shuffled around when we weren’t looking, to hide the trail.


Lucinda finally did make a friend, but it wasn’t the friend she was expecting. Nevertheless, he seemed quite pleased to eat, I mean meet her.


Eventually we escaped from the staring faces of the sunflowers back to the road and people. The memories were already taking on a sunny glow. Had it really been as creepy as we thought?


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