Enlightened by darkness and blinded by light

Not once upon a time, but here and now, two adventurers step off the trail. They climb down into a gully in search of a path improperly remembered.

Careful clambering over rocks demands all of their attention. The spiderwebs at head height take them unawares. Fine strands cling to their faces, settle in their hair. Unseen insects steal measures of their blood.

At last the opening yawns before them. Enigmatic hieroglyphs leer out of the walls. Beyond them, echoing darkness with no termination in sight.


The brave adventurers climb inside. Hunched and bent they walk into the dark. Their hushed voices echo on the curved walls, like the sussurus of ghosts.

Deep within they find a chamber, a flooded resting place, lit by smuggled sunlight. It is not a place for stay in, it’s a place for passing through.


The way forward is uncertain. It looks no different from the path they took to get here, and yet, it will lead them to places they have never been before, turning them into people they have never thought to be. If they choose to take it.


Turning back they see the blinding light is unbearable. The tunnel opens to a gate of white. The travelers know that even if they retrace their steps they cannot return.


Uncertainty surrounds them on all sides, but they are adventurers. They push on into the dark, hopeful that the next bend will reveal something new and wonderful.


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