A Banquet of Books at the Traveler Restaurant

Travelers need two things: food and books. Everything else is optional.


Why are some posts locked?

A note from Emma: Dear Readers, You may have noticed that some of our blog posts are password protected. Want immediate access to those locked posts? Become a Patron. Patrons at the $10 level or above get early access to all of Lucinda's adventures a full 24-hours before the rest of the world. Don't want… Continue reading Why are some posts locked?


Enlightened by darkness and blinded by light

Not once upon a time, but here and now, two adventurers step off the trail. They climb down into a gully in search of a path improperly remembered. Careful clambering over rocks demands all of their attention. The spiderwebs at head height take them unawares. Fine strands cling to their faces, settle in their hair.… Continue reading Enlightened by darkness and blinded by light

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How to Escape the Tourist Trap

The coast of Maine is dotted with quaint small towns that come alive during tourist season. Along the commercial strip their streets are choked with gawkers and shoppers buying lobster rolls and pine scented candles and painted seashells. Belfast is one of those towns. Picturesque and unassuming. It sits just off route one at the… Continue reading How to Escape the Tourist Trap


The Mystery of the Forgotten Cemetery

“Did you know there’s a graveyard on County Woods Road?” My father asked me. I’d driven by it literally thousands of times and I’d never seen it. Never noticed it was there. A cemetery nestled in the woods between two houses on a country road in Newport. We couldn’t see it from the road. All… Continue reading The Mystery of the Forgotten Cemetery