About Creepy Lucinda

I first met Creepy Lucinda at the Roller Rink Antique Mall in Detroit, Maine.

She didn’t remember coming to the shop. But she did know she’d been there a long time. She wanted to see the world.

So do I.

I offered to take her with me.

Creepy Lucinda a creepy doll
Creepy Lucinda makes a new friend.

Lucinda took her first big risk leaving that shop, and living the life she really wants isn’t easy.

She knows she’s different. Some might even call her weird or creepy. If she’d listened to her fears, she might have stayed safe in her suitcase forever.

But she didn’t.

Now we travel the country together, in search of the weird, the wonderful, and yes, the creepy.

Read her blog to see where Lucinda is now.

And follow our travels on Instagram.


Lucinda is on Patreon! If you want to become a friend of Lucinda and get a look behind the camera, click the button above and become a patron.


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